Use Videos on Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

Using videos in marketing campaigns is common practice in today’s world. Most consumers prefer to watch an informative, bite-sized video than read through text. Embedding videos into your MMS messages leads to a higher open and conversion rate. The same applies to landing pages. Multiple studies have shown that using videos on your landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. A consumer will leave your landing page within 8 seconds if they aren’t engaged. Videos create a dynamic user experience and will increase the time they spend on your landing page. Almost no effort is required from potential clients, which makes them want to learn more about your business offerings.

YouTube is now considered the second most popular search engine. TVs and videos have been a part of our society since the mid-20th century. This has significantly impacted the way we consume content. Moreover, video content creates deeper connections with your current or potential consumers. You or your employees can feature in these videos to present new products or service. Doing this increases feelings of trust in consumers, which not only increases conversions, but also develops brand loyalty. Using videos on your landing pages isn’t difficult and will increase your conversions and ROI. Here are the best ways to apply videos to your landing pages.

Use “Press Play” instead of “Auto Play”

Using “auto play” has pros and cons. Most studies find that consumers get frustrated when a video plays automatically. It often disrupts the users’ actions, which causes them to leave the page instantly. While videos are a popular way to consume information, some reading is still required and desired by users. Be that as it may, “auto play” videos can increase conversions when used correctly. For example, it’s better to use an “auto play” video lower down on your landing page. This gives visitors a chance to orient themselves with your page, see what information is being offered, and then happily engage with your video content. Use “press play” videos at the top of your landing page. Most users appreciate being able to choose if they want to watch or not.

Call-to-actions get conversions

Call-to-actions are known to increase conversions. Use them in your videos. Visitors who land on your page have already clicked-through from somewhere else, be it a Facebook ad or link from an MMS message. They are ready to take action, so convince them to do so in your videos. You can embed clickable buttons in your videos making it easier for visitors to follow your call-to-action.

Experiment with length

Use a mixture of short and long videos on your landing pages. Sometimes a new product or service requires more comprehensive information. You may be offering a new course on computer programming. Visitors would benefit from as much detail as possible, so they have a deep understanding of what they will get out of doing your course. 30-second, advert-like videos are often best for new products. Always consider your target audience. Younger visitors, like millennials, prefer fast paced video content, whereas older users may want more detail.

Point to where visitors should go

Most YouTubers use visual ques, like arrows or pointing, to convince visitors to subscribe to their page, follow a link below, or read further information in the description box. Using these directional ques will increase your conversion rate. People like to know exactly where to go when trying to purchase a product or service.

Script before you record

Freestyling a video isn’t the best way to convince people your product or service is worth purchasing. If you aren’t confident or make too many mistakes, visitors may feel you aren’t invested in your own product, so why should they be. Writing a script will ensure the video has a natural flow and boost confidence in visitors to your landing page.

Do it right and use it again

Create a video especially for your landing page, but also upload it to your company’s YouTube page. You will increase conversions dramatically, because videos show up at the top of Google searches 52 times more than text articles. Make sure your video title and description has pristine SEO. You will watch your conversions grow.

Videos can revolutionise your landing pages

Videos can be used in a variety of ways. They can educate visitors about your new product or service and how it operates. You can use them to promote your online offerings like a 30-second commercial. Instructional videos can help visitors learn the best way to use your products or services, and call them to action. Using the services of companies like Cellcast make creating and embedding videos into your landing page easy. Visit for more information on their services or to speak with a consultant.

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