Landing Pages and Why You Need Them

A landing page, or lead capture page, has become an important part of online and MMS marketing. These are single pages that load when someone responds to an online advert, like those found on Facebook, or clicks a link embedded in an MMS message. The shift from a text-based to image-based society means there is more room for creativity when developing a landing page. Exceptional landing pages can increase conversion rates at a lower cost than traditional lead generation practices. Why? Because landing pages are targeted and have a single objective. Marketing companies like Cellcast can help businesses from all industries develop landing pages that increase conversions and generate better leads.

The benefits of landing pages according to the stats

Landing pages can revolutionise your marketing practices and significantly increase your return-on-investment. Customers are more likely to engage with your content if it’s easy to navigate and provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions. As with MMS marketing, the most successful landing pages are those with engaging content, like videos or call-to-action buttons. Here are some interesting stats to consider when developing your landing pages.

1. Sending users to your homepage isn’t worth it

44% of B2B companies send users to their homepage instead of a landing page. This significantly reduces the chance of a conversion because a homepage consists of general information. For example, you own a sporting goods website. You’ve set up an MMS marketing campaign regarding your latest promotion on running shoes. Customers click-through but land on your homepage. Most people will leave a website after a mere 8 seconds if they aren’t directed to what they were looking for. A landing page will ensure a higher conversion rate through engaging customers and enticing them to stay longer.

2. More is more

A single landing page can increase conversions by 2.35%. Multiple landing pages will increase your leads by 55%. Most companies have at least 10-15 different landing pages because each page should focus on a single objective. Interactive landing pages are gaining popularity. You can get 12x more leads if you develop 40 or more landing pages. Previously, landing pages were static, which is a huge deterrent for customers who want to engage with the content they access online. In fact, relevant videos can increase conversions by a further 86%.

3. Set it up and let it lead

Long-term landing pages have been estimated to generate 220% more leads. Testing all your content on long-term landing pages is the surest way to success. 52% of businesses test their landing pages to ensure they get the best conversion and the greatest leads. A one second delay with your landing page load time will result in a 7% decrease in conversions.

4. Conversion rate optimisation tools are the way

Only about 50% of landing pages are mobile-ready. 89% of Australians own a mobile device with this number expected to increase to about 92% by the end of 2019. It’s critical that all landing pages are optimised for mobile use. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tools can increase your ROI by a whopping 223%. Most marketing companies like Cellcast develop API systems that easily integrate with your established CRM programs. From there, you can easily customise, monitor and test your landing pages to ensure you get the greatest ROI.

5. Shorten those form fields

Your form fields are the most important part of a landing page. These are directly responsible for increasing your conversion rate. Form fields often fall prey to what is known as the “Goldilocks syndrome”. If they are too long, no one will complete the form, but if they are too short, you can’t gather the necessary information to determine if visitors will be great leads. Shorter form fields will increase your conversions by 120%. Most landing pages use around 11 form fields. Reducing this number to 4 will yield greater conversion results and generate enough information for you to generate leads.

Landing Pages will fetch greater leads and higher conversions

Homepages are designed to showcase everything your company has on offer. It is a way to communicate with current and future clients about who you are and what you have on offer. It usually has links to other pages on your site. Landing pages stand alone. They only contain the most pertinent information about a specific promotion or call-to-action you would like potential customers to make. Message match is fundamental to increasing conversions, and an engaging landing page can do that for your business. Visit to find out more about their landing page offerings or to talk with a skilled consultant.

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