The Business Use of MMS Marketing

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) marketing is a flexible means of communication. Businesses may use it to stay in touch with their customers and let them know about special offers, contests, and other new products and services. It is possible to send conference schedules and meeting hours via MMS message to attendees and workers alike. Multimedia messaging service is referred to as MMS. When mobile phones first hit the market, they were only capable of sending SMS messages. This was awe-inspiring, however the allocated 160 characters is restrictive with today’s technology. These days, the majority of people prefer to consume media in the form of video or graphics. Even while SMS marketing is still a worthwhile investment, MMS messaging has changed the way companies engage with their customers forever.

MMS messages can include images, videos, animations, gifs, and audio files. It is possible to utilise more than one image, depending on the file size. Because MMS messages are limited to 500kb of data, attaching 30-second videos or audio files is possible. It is possible to send an MMS message with a maximum of 1200 characters. This material is more appealing and can lead to a higher rate of conversion in marketing efforts. MMS marketing companies, such as Cellcast, create specialised tools to help businesses with their MMS campaigns. As well as allowing firms to monitor their MMS marketing campaigns in real-time, Cellcast’s interface makes it easier to produce the content. An MMS message may be produced and distributed to an entire email list in a matter of seconds.

Is MMS Marketing a good way to promote your business?

89% of Australians own or plan to acquire a smartphone in the near future, according to a Deloitte poll conducted in 2018. Almost all of those who took the study claim to always have a phone or other mobile device with them. Traditional modes of marketing no longer reach the same number of customers and are still pricey.. of consumers. they still reach. As an example, print media reaches an average of just 13 percent each day.
98 percent of MMS messages are read, according to Cellcast’s statistics, and most of those messages are viewed within 90 seconds of being received. Customers are eight times more likely than with any other method of promotion to redeem a coupon they get via MMS message. MMS marketing services from Cellcast resulted in a 38 percent conversion rate, compared to the typical email conversion rate of 2 percent. Furthermore, MMS marketing is less expensive than the majority of the more conventional approaches. As of this writing, Cellcast is the greatest value in Australia for 5,000-message packages. MMS marketing should be a part of every marketing budget, as evidenced by the data and the evidence presented in this article.

MMS Marketing Email Subscribers

It might be difficult to build a mailing list since MMS sending requires client approval. They must voluntarily choose to participate. Customers are more likely to join your MMS marketing database if you use click-to-join widgets or keyword and short code services. Websites and social media pages are the most common locations for click-to-join widgets. Customers are rewarded for signing up by receiving freebies or discounts. Prospective customers will have to put in a bit more effort if they want to use keywords and short codes. They can opt-in to receiving your MMS messages by texting a short code (e.g. “Yes” to 2626).
When it comes to growing a mailing list, these are the two approaches Cellcast relies on the most. A “self-cleaning subscriber list” function in their MMS API (application programming interface) guarantees that all the numbers in your database are current. It will take care of it for you. Create more effective MMS marketing efforts by segmenting your email list. MMS API Cellcast offers a comprehensive survey for those who wish to opt out of receiving messages. In order to understand more about your client’s preferences, you can try to remedy the issue before they unsubscribe from your list. In order to maximise the return on investment, Cellcast helps businesses develop and maintain their mailing lists.

What is the Best Way to Use MMS Marketing?

Cellcast, for example, has an API that makes it simple to create MMS messages. A dashboard will be available to you after you join that will help you design the best MMS marketing plan. As soon as your database is set up, you may begin adding multimedia content (pictures, videos, animations, and so on), create a message, and send it to your contact list. Any internet-enabled device may respond to your MMS messages, because they’re browser-based. In real time, you can track your MMS messages via Cellcast’s MMS API. You’ll get results right away and be able to track the progress of your campaigns. You can track both the number of people who read and click on the links in your messages, making it easy to see how many people are actually doing both.
Cellcast’s MMS marketing platform makes it easy to get started. The revolutionary MMS marketing platform may be found at

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