What is SMS?


Short Message Service more commonly known as SMS, can be considered the father, a primary form of digital messaging. SMS, as it is currently known in Australia, refers to standard mobile text messaging. SMS refers to the sending of text messages, between mobile handsets or from a bulk platform via the cellular network, we use Telstra and Vodafone primarily due to cost, capacity handling, effectiveness and quality of infrastructure.

Cellcast is one of few suppliers of wholesale SMS in Australia, using local carriers to deliver the best service and performance. We welcome resellers and offer comprehensive white label solutions and rates to all of our channel partners including bulk SMS packages for one-time campaigns or segmented client accounts for self-service SMS Blasts.

A little history about the technologies inception; SMS evolved from the late pager technology, which allowed an individual to send short communications through wireless telegraphy. Wireless telegraphy refers to the sending of electric signals through radio waves. The radio pager technology paved way to modern day phone communications, key among them being SMS.

Initially, standardized radio frequency communications were set in place to allow for mobile SMS communication. These protocols of communications were set in place as part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Because of these protocols, SMS allowed for the sending of only 160 characters.

To send and receive an SMS, a GSM mobile device and a cell network subscription is required. The rates for sending an SMS are determined by the network provider and the charges are based on the number of SMS sent and not the size of the content. The charge for text messages, is deducted from credit purchased within your account. The credit plan can either be post-paid or pre-paid, please speak with a member of the customer excellence team to arrange a post-pay account.

Most of the SMS practices have remained unchanged over the years, bulk messaging and respective mobile campaigns has grown 88% since 2016, we learn that this is primarily due to the need to keep abreast of the increasing noise we are subject to via over populated social and email platforms.

Using SMS Marketing


All smart phones are now equipped with text messaging software offering the ability to read and write SMS. To send a bulk SMS from Cellcast, please login or create an account, go to create campaign, craft your message, enter the recipient’s number; press send!

Further enhance your business communication via SMS

Broadcasting Notifications


Orchestrate notifications over SMS, push, messaging apps, and more with a user-centric API. Multi-channel notifications, Group notifications, High-priority alerts

Within organizations, communication from a team leader to his team is made simple via broadcasting notifications. Forward the message to the some or all employees regarding anything from memos, meetings and reminders

Vouchers and coupons


You can promote your business through enticing offers for customers in the form of voucher numbers and coupons conveyed through SMS. SMS coupons attract a good number of customers as they get to save as they shop.

Programmable SMS


Exchange text and picture messages in the programming language you already use.
Great for  – Arrival Alerts, Appointment Reminders, SMS Marketing.



Cellcast has the ability to create custom SMS surveys for clients who choose to opt-out, here we gain the feedback of customers and their preferences during the unsubscribe process. Remarketing can then be carried out after the camapaign ends – adding increased value.

Doesn’t require internet access


SMS are transmitted over a GSM network without the need for internet access. This makes it easy for marketers to convey messages in areas with lack internet connectivity or bandwidth.



SMS can be stored and scheduled as drafts to be sent at later dates in organizations. They can also be stored in databases to be referenced as required. This feature is important for campaigns and promotions for marketers to keep track of your campaign history.



An SMS is real-time as there is no lag due with almost instant delivery. Inform your customers of order confirmations, new offers and new products with instant SMS and create more urgency.

Why it is ideal for marketing


Various features make SMS one of the best marketing platforms. In fact, it is one of the most widely used platforms for marketing. SMS has a very high open rate. Unlike emails which are often ignored, sent to spam folders or deleted without being read, an SMS will almost always be read by your recipient. The personal nature of text messaging also makes it ideal for marketing. An individual is more likely to engage in a business venture after being prompted via SMS than by email or other marketing strategies. The short and precise nature of text messaging forces the sender to be concise. This economical use of words works in favor of the organization boosting the conversion rate in the long run. SMS are cost-effective and powerfully targeted with the use of filtration within your client lists. Cellcast MMS & SMS mobile marketing platform is one of few companies in Ausrtalia that know how to leverage the mobile market and drive unparalleled advantage.

The real-time visibility drawn through SMS is the key to successful marketing, coupled with a guaranteed delivery, makes mobile marketing a easy choice.


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