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What’s the one thing you never leave home without? It’s your mobile phone, right? You wouldn’t be alone. A whopping 94% of Australians claim that they never, ever leave their homes without their trusty phones. That same number of people open every SMS text message they receive.

And if those numbers don’t impress you, then maybe these ones will. In 2017, around 81% of Australians used their mobile devices for online shopping, and the industry is set to reach $35.2 billion by the end of this year with an 85.2% eCommerce market penetration.

Now, those are figures you can’t afford to ignore. SMS text messaging can help you grow your business. It’s a quick and easy way to make a lasting connection with your customers to not only retain them but also draw in new ones. Cellcast offers a range of SMS and MMS messaging services that can help you expand your business, and here’s how we do it.

What SMS Text Messaging Services Can Businesses Choose?

Businesses have a few SMS text messaging service options that they can choose from. It all depends on your needs. Cellcast will develop a plan for you to help you grow your business and get the results that you want.

Here are the main text messaging service options for businesses.

  • SMS text messaging – If you want to send a quick update to your customers and need less than 160 characters, then SMS is the way to go.
  • MMS messaging – You can use MMS messaging to create engaging content that uses images, videos, and other media to draw your customers in and get them to click through.
  • Bulk SMS text messaging – You usually use bulk SMS services to send out things like automated responses or promotion messages. You can collect data and optimize your messages to increase open rates and conversions.
  • 1-On-1 SMS – Incorporating 1-on-1 SMS messaging into your marketing strategy is a brilliant way to improve your customer service. You create a text for one person instead of many, so they really feel like you are connecting with them as a brand.

Using all four of these methods can help you build your business, especially with Cell Cast. We provide an affordable SMS service in Australia to businesses of any size. Our August rates are just $0.028 per SMS and $0.29 for MMS messaging. We also offer a free trial that includes 30 free credits.

Why Do Customers Prefer Sending Businesses SMS Messages?

Remember the days when you had to wait 20 minutes just to talk to someone at customer support? Well, SMS messages make it easier for customers to reach out to a business directly, rather than working through an automated system that never answers your question. Plus, you can send and receive texts from anywhere, giving you more freedom to engage with your clients. Another reason why customers prefer sending businesses SMS messages is because

Cell cast will help you set up an effective wholesale SMS package that improves your customer service and tech support. For example, if a customer sends a text about returning an item, it will automatically divert to the Returns Department so that they can efficiently help the client. Your customers will love how quick and easy it is to get help with an issue. You can use 1-on-1 SMS messaging services to speak with individual clients directly. Use an SMS blast to let customers know response times or when your business hours are. It opens lines of communication and encourages patience. You can even send SMS online using Cellcast’s easy to integrate SMS API.

SMS Services Australia – Look No Further Than Cellcast

Cellcast is a leading bulk SMS marketing service in Australia. Our comprehensive SMS and MMS marketing tools help you increase open rates, lower opt outs, and increase conversions. We use SMS API so that you can integrate our services with your other applications, personalize your messages, create two way authentications, and set up one-time only pins. You can also create your own QR codes to make it easier for your customers to engage with your content.

We have over 10 years experience offering SMS services in Australia. We help you develop and implement a text messaging strategy that increases your conversions. Our messages have a 90% open rate within 90 seconds of customers receiving them. You can monitor all this action from your live dashboard. Use this data to improve your SMS campaigns. Visit for more information. You can also contact us on 61 (03) 8560 7025 or complete this form. You can register here for your free trial to see how our SMS services can help increase your open rates and conversion. Download our information pack to get a full picture of what services we offer and the overall costs involved. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and start setting up your SMS text messaging campaign.

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