Our terms of use policy for SME’s is designed around pre-purchase. This is a safe way to transact allowing you to purchase just what you need. Also gain the ability to take advantage of higher volume bundles to achieve an economy of scale which suits you. Youor credits will never expire, feel safe in the knowledge that you can return with credits available for your next campaign. If you are a high volume or enterprise customer, ask our team about Cellcast post purchase agreements available.

Yes, we adhere to national and federal laws. Including offering a TAX Invoice for each purchase, with a respective GST component.

Yes, we have a whitelable solution designed for individuals who would require a parent admin account with up to fifty sub-client accounts.

Cellcast is designed for two way communication between company and client – as such it will allocate a private number to your account – also for this reason Cellcast does not allow ‘ALPHA ID’ as it prevents the all important ‘customer replies’ and ‘read receipts’.

Nonetheless, over 10 years we have measured the open rate and respective success of our campaigns, and the figures show that ‘private numbers’ have a higher open rate.

The best structure for you campaign will be for them to appear to be sent direct from the CEO – you can create this impression by signing off with ‘signature of CEO’ and inviting your clients to respond.

Shout out if we can assist with your first campaign setup


Of course, you can request peronalised assistance anytime. Just ask George on Livechat, send us an email or call on the toll free line to get our attention.

Certainly, get in touch with us via George on Livechat, send us an email or call on the toll free line to get our attention.

We pride ourselves on Cellcast system being uber intuitive – we employ a step by step linear user interface, designed to be intuitive enough to allow use without any instructions. However if you do require further guidance, or step by step intructions delivered by one of our helpful staff, feel free to ask us – get in touch with us via George on Livechat, send us an email or call on the toll free line to get our attention.

We strive to uphold our privacy policy and accompanying website terms of use – you can find both of these policies within the footer of this page under the title ‘legal’. If you would require clarification on any of our clauses, please make your enquiry to –

List Management

You can upload your list via CSV. A sample CSV is provided within the portal, you can easily copy and paste your customer data into the various fields which are applicable include; Number,First Name,Last Name,Gender,Post Code,Date of Birth,Special Field

Cellcast will accept .CSV files only, the columns must be in the order defined by the system. Here is a link to download the .CSV template – Sample CSV

We value the wished of our community, to ensure this a automatic global opt-out list is applied to each account. This means that any customer who manually requests opt-out of your future campaigns (via either replying ‘stop’ or using the opt-out link) will automatically be removed from future campaigns.

You can view and download a list of unsubscribed customers within the list management page.

Yes, when uploading a list the system will perform a de-duplication procedure. The results of which will be published within the online portal on completions.

Creating an SMS or MMS

1. Click ‘create campaign’ from left Navigation bar
2. Select ‘create mms’
3. Insert campaign title
4. Insert campaign subtitle
5. Select from saved campaign or type a new message in the ‘body’ field
4. insert media (jpg, gif, mp4, wav, vcard)
5. insert subject
6. Click ‘next’

For step by step guidance please as George on Livechat

1. Select ‘create campaign’ from the left hand side nav bar
2. Select SMS and ‘next’ to continue
3.if you had a previously saved campaign you could select it here
4. Today we will create a new one so enter your campaign title and sub title, this will appear on your report
5. The body of your text message can contain up to 10 SMS, keep an eye on the character and SMS total count at the base here, each message contains approx 160 characters, if you go over you will be charged 2 credits and so forth.
6. If you want to include a link into your campaign, make It short and trackable by using Smart Links these tracked link will appear in your report. First insert a short and intuitive name then your actual URL. You can insert up to two in each message.
7. Select insert field to add Names, Personal Details or a Special Field
8. Here is where you would insert a landing page, you can find out more about this within our Landing Page tutorial
9. Here is where you will include an ‘opt-out’ survey, this will ask your customers the reason for opting out, the questions are customisable
10. Replies to your message will appear in your campaign report, you can also have them sent to you as they arrive via email – This is a great way to update your sales people with leads in real-time.
11. Send your self and collegues a test message for review, remember the links within the message will be disabled whilst in ‘test mode’
12. Saving your campaign for future use is easy, click the radio button and name accordingly
13. You are ready to proceed – click next
14. Here is where you will add your client
15. Select from various methods – send to ‘all’ – Send to filtered contact – select from list – copy and paste all client details in or copy and paste just numbers in
16. Check and confirm your selection then click ‘next’
17. If you have selected include ‘opt out survey’ during the create campaign step, you will have the ability to confirm or customise the survey fields
18. You have reached the final ‘Confirmation & Send’ page – review and edit the email address which your campaign report will be sent to, then confirm additional campaign details carefully.
19. Are you ready? Click next and your campaign will go live within seconds – Well done!

On Android handsets the subject will be included in the ‘message list view’, being the first thing you see when first opening the message app.

On IOS the subject is contained within the message in ‘bold’ type.

Yes, for the first time it is – you will receive 1 credit on sign-up of your new account, one for SMS and another for MMS trial purposes.

1. select upload list from left hand side nav bar the ‘sample’ CSV from the hyperlink located at the top right of page
3. open the CSV on your computer in Excel or similar spreadsheet application
4. copy and paste your client details into the correct CSV columns. Overwrite or delete any remaining dummy data. Your mobile numbers can be in most formats which include +61 or just starting with a 4
5. head back to the List Management page and create a ‘New List’
6. title the list intuitively as you will need to be able to identify each, especially when you have many
7. Now you are ready to upload your list, select ‘Add Numbers’
8. Browse, locate and upload your CSV file
7. Now you are ready to upload your list, select ‘Add Numbers’
9. Observe the notification bar which delivers upload status feedback after automatically removing, anything which is not an Australian mobile number and duplicatesnon local mobile numbers
10. We hope this tutorial was helpful if you require further assistance you can reach our customer success team on (phone number), livechat or email.

Saving your campaign can be complete within the ‘message creation’ page. The button is available next to the ‘next’ button, ready for you to select after you are completely happy with your content and just before you move on to the next step.

Simply replying STOP to any campaign will automatically remove your clients from any future communications, they can also use the ‘opt-out’ link within your message, this will offer them your custom created options which they can select prior to opting out. This feature is especially usefull to learn more about why your customers make the decisions not to be contacted.

Sure, if the above was not helpful then you can ask George on Livechat alternatively you can call the hotline or email us at –

Recurring Campaign

  1. Click ‘create campaign’ from left Navigation bar
  2. Select ‘create mms’
  3. Insert campaign title
  4. Insert campaign subtitle
  5. Insert message details
  6. Select ‘Copy and Paste List’
    • You can enter multiple numbers for per campaign date.
    • Eg. You would like to schedule campaign on 9th day of each month
      Copy all contacts into field textbox.
    • Creating a single campaign for the 9th
  7. On next step, Select “Recurring” option
    • Select ‘Month’ from ‘Schedule Type’ drop down
    • Select date from ‘Schedule Monthly Date’
    • Select ‘Schedule Time’
  8. On next step, click ‘Confirm & Send’ to complete and schedule campaign

Message Specifications

You have the capability of sending messages in excess of 160 characters through our services.

When sending a message in excess of 160 characters, the message is broken up in to message parts of 153 characters, and sent to the handset. The handset then reassembles the message, displaying the message as one extended-length, concatenated message. When sending an extended-length message you are charged for each 153 character part that is sent. This charging process is dictated by the network operators.

You can send the maximum message length of 918 characters, or send a message length of 402 characters for the Unicode character set.

In your MMS you can have up to 1000 characters, an additional 30 characters are allocated for the message Subject.

Our Privacy Policy explains what kinds of personal information we collect from you when you use our services, how we use your personal information, who we might share information with (including when we might send your information overseas), and your rights in relation to the information we collect, including how you can find out about what personal information we hold about you and how you can complain about our use of your information.

Cellcast has a generous offering of up to 350kb for embedded media and or message attachments.

The most popular file type is .GIF due to its low weight and ability to create dynamic animations. Cellcast studio can assist with execution of your creative media – just shout out if you would like assistance. Alternative media types and formats which are compatible include; .JPG .PNG .VCARD .PDF .WAV .MP3

  • Your image layout should be vertical as most mobile devices display vertically.
  • For best results, we recommend using JPG format for images.
  • File size of images should not exceed 380kb.
  • Best image dimensions are 327 pixels (height) and 400 pixels (width).
  • Image resolution should be 72 pixels.
  • Subject line is 40 characters – use it wisely!
  • Keep additional text to less than 500 words for better readability.
  • Use .GIF format for animated images.
  • File size for GIF formats should be below 380kb.

To provide the best service to all our customers we limit the number of API calls which can be made by each account to 2 calls per sec. For heavy users we can increase your throttling speed, but please contact us to discuss your requirements. If you exceed this limit we will return two indicators which you can use in your code to detect that you have been throttled. The first is the HTTP status code 429 “Too Many Requests”, the second is the error code “OVER_LIMIT” in the error block of the response body.

Purchase Credit

1. Select ‘Purchase Credit’ from left hand side nav bar Select your required SMS or MMS bundles, 1 credit is equal to one standard size message – Cheaper unit price is achieved on larger bundles and don’t worry they don’t expire so you can use them when required in the future
2. Select checkout, if you don’t have a Paypal account that’s ok too, simply checkout as a guest
3. Credits total can be seen on the status bar
4. TAX Invoices for each purchase can be downloaded from the left hand side navigation bar
5. You’re all ready to commence your first campaign!

General FAQ

No, Cellcast is designed to be a self service pre-pay platform. After topping up your credit you are free to use the platform at your leisure.

Sending a message that’s never delivered is a terrible experience for your users, which is why we’re proud of the close-knit relationships we keep with the major wireless carriers. As a major carrier ourselves we know what it takes to get the right messages delivered and how to shut down bad actors through our own SPAM and fraud mitigation platform.

Cellcast offers numerous format API’s for MMS and SMS respectively. Our API’s deliver pertinent delivery information right back in real-time. We are solution specific, so just ask to learn more about tailoring Cellcast products to suit you.

Cellcast is designed for two-way communication between you and your customer.

Using ALPHA ID – communication from your customers to you is not possible; which includes read receipts, calls receipts and most importantly direct text message response to your campaign from your customer.

The average response rate to a campaign is 3-6% – each providing insight, feedback, campaign validation – and potential sales.

Technical FAQ

Yes, Cellcast platforms resides on Sydeny based AWS servers, data through transfer is encrypted using Norton 128bit protocol. Data security and sovereignty is managed at a Gold Standard using AWS services and technologies.

We certainly do, our in–house dev teams work tirelessly connecting Cellcast to platforms across the globe. With new the technologies and IOT platforms popping up like mushrooms, we treat 2-way as a bespoke offering. Share your requirement with our team to learn more about our best-practice initiative.

Yes, gain instant response from Cellcast platform with dedicated packets containing the data which is most important for your business/ We are solution specific, so just ask to learn more about tailoring Cellcast products to suit you.

Yes, our enterprise customers operate primarily on efficiency, Cellcast is designed to meet this criteria as a minimum.

We have found that Bulk SMS is becoming increasingly popular, as such we have dedicated a business arm comprising of creative teams and account managers to support this growing market.

Cellcast is designed to re-attempt each number up to three times before submitting fail status, we also have a failover of MMS which can instigate your campaign message as SMS if required.

Our usage reports are stored on the live server for up to 8 weeks, you may then gain access to historical account data via the AWS cloud archiving system.

The short answer is no, however if you do require a custom user-flow then there will be additional fee on initial setup.

Yes, Cellcast has primary and backup routing in place, to ensure your communication is uninterrupted.

MMS is specified by 3GPP, and allows for submission and reception of multiple content types (e.g. video, audio, images, text) to and from a mobile device. MMS is a store and forward medium that takes advantage of a carrier’s MMSC to store a MMS message for retrieval via a handset, as well as accept messages from handsets for on forwarding to another device. Telstra MMS is a store and forward messaging service that allows mobile subscribers to exchange messages with integrated text, audio & images. MMS allows for a variety of message content types, including moving or still images, sound and text to be originated or terminated using a compatible MMS mobile handset. MMS message are uploaded (via HTTPsPost) or downloaded (via HTTPs-GET) from/to the handset using HTTP/WSP or a WAP connection. The handset is required to be correctly configured for GPRS or 1xRTT for MMS to correctly function Message delivery is accomplished by sending an SMS message to the device (known as a WAP-Push) that will inform the device that it needs to collect a message from a specified URL (which is the MMSC). The handset will then initiate a data session to collect the message and display it on the handset. Part of the role of the MMSC is to convert the message being delivered to the handset upon retrieval so that only valid and supported content types are delivered to the handset.

MMS protocols
There are several specific protocols supported by the 3GPP specifications for message submission and reception. For 3rd party VASP access the protocol supported by Telstra is MM7. The MM7 protocol is an open standard protocol designed by 3GPP to provide a flexible data-communications interface for the transfer of MMS messages. It has been specifically designed to enable external applications to communicate with an MMS Centre. Telstra’s MMSC supports MM7 version 5.3.0, although higher versions should function however, the functionality is not guaranteed. For a more comprehensive discussion of the MM7 protocol please refer to the specification at:

Supported file formats
In order to reliably deliver a message to the majority of handsets it is recommended that you use the following file formats. In each case the correct MIME type for the format is given in parentheses. The correct MIME type must be used in order to ensure the message is accepted by Telstra.

• JPEG, JPG (image/jpeg): good support • GIF: GIF87a, GI89a, animated GIF89a (image/gif): good support • PNG (image/png): good support • WBMP (Wireless Bitmap) (image/wbmp): this is B&W image format from the old days of WAP: good support. • BMP (Windows Bitmap) (image/bmp): dependent on handset support

• MP3 (audio/mpeg): partial support; some handsets may limit the use of the file due to DRM concerns by the manufacturer • MID, MIDI (audio/mid or audio/midi): good support • WAV (audio/wav): good support • AMR (audio/amr): partial support, GSM handsets only; CDMA handsets will require the B-party MMSC to transcode to EVC format or store on Web site for PC-based retrieval • IMY, EMY (audio/imelody) : partial support • EVC: not currently supported • AAC: not currently supported • Video • MPEG, MPG, MP4 (video/mpeg4): support may vary by handset • 3GP (video/3gpp): good support

• TXT, TEXT: UTF-8, US-ASCII (not UTF-16) (text/plain): good support. • X-IMELODY (text/x-imelody) – partial to good • X-EMELODY (text/e-melody) – partial to good Note that Telstra’s infrastructure will endeavour to transcode files to a format supported by the end device.

Addressing capabilities
In order to use the product, the source address must be a legitimate MSISDN (e.g. 61499999999), the destination address may be an MSISDN or compatible format.