How Cellcast Will Take Your SMS Text Messaging Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level

Cellcast is a leading SMS messaging service in Australia. We have over 10 years experience in SMS and MMS marketing, working with clients like the Hilton Hotel to increase conversions and build a stronger brand awareness. Cellcast offers a complete solution for all your brand marketing needs. Wholesale SMS messaging is one of the best ways to reach your customers. In fact, 90% of consumers prefer to communicate with brands via text messaging.

SMS Marketing

Cellcast REST SMS API (application programming interface) makes bulk text messaging simple. With this streamlined process you can process your marketing campaign speedily and effectively from wherever you are – at a computer or on the go. Features of Cellcast API is that you receive DLR (real time delivery reports) as well as replies and inbox SMS messages.

Whether you want to send out a bulk SMS or MMS messaging campaign, we can help you. We have a 90% open rate, and most people open our messages within 90 seconds of receiving them. You can also use SMS online using our specialized API because it’s easy to integrate with your other programs and applications.

Powerful Reporting

Cellcast’s offering gives you powerful reporting on your marketing campaigns. The data driven insight delivers opt-in graphs, geographical metrics and link tracing. It is simple to evaluate and improve future campaigns with the Cellcast platform.

Advanced data sets and real-time graphical data are all part of what is recorded on the platform. You can use this data to analyze which campaigns worked and which ones didn’t. You can then tweak your SMS content to improve your open rate and reduce opt outs.

Real-Time Dashboard

Cellcast campaign dashboard allows you to measure your progress in real-time. This is simple using the graphical interface, or Cellcast can help you with customised tools for your different campaigns. Our SMS API makes it easy to integrate our services with other programs and applications.

Opt-Out Custom Surveys

Cellcast has gathered valuable insight in 10 years of marketing experience. Understanding why customers lose interest in marketing campaigns is important, and that is why they are asked at opt-out what they are really interested in. This means no more negative leads as this information enables you to reach out to those customers

White Label Solutions

Cellcast’s API platform provides you with detailed reports, and in this way you can keep your focus on the marketing campaign while Cellcast takes care of the admin.

Link Tracking & Shortening

With Cellcast’s platform tracking web links in your SMS marketing messages, you’ll always know the number of clicks on these links. This helps you measure the effectiveness of the campaign. There is also the helpful option of shortening the links, so using less characters in the messages.

Self Cleaning Subscriber List

Cellcast’s system will automatically remove dead numbers. Dead numbers result from landline numbers put on the list in error, subscribers who have changed their number or a line getting shut off. This means you don’t have to do this admin on your subscriber list

Generate QR Codes

The Cellcast system facilitates the generating of unique QR codes to one or all of your customers – with a link or text embedded.This works well for events and lucky draws. Creating your own QR codes makes it easier for clients to engage with your

Segment Your List

Cellcast’s segmenting tool allows you to set up different groups within your main subscriber list using geographic and historical data as well as demographics. This is especially useful for use in targeted campaigns.

Custom Landing Pages Convert

Our latest feature is completely free of charge and will benefit your business more than you know. We will create custom landing pages that compliment your SMS marketing campaign and increase your conversions. We use your brand’s logos and images, then incorporate tested conversion boosting techniques to help you grow your customer base.

You can customise your RSVP button, create calendar invites and reminders for your customers, and collect contact information. All our SMS and MMS messaging campaigns comply with the rules and regulations laid out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Contact Cellcast Today

If you’re looking for one of the best bulk SMS services in Australia, then look no further than Cellcast. We offer

Visit to learn more about what we have on offer. You can also download our information pack to read at your leisure. Contact us on 61 (03) 8560 7025 or complete this form. We look forward to answering your questions and getting you started. Register here for your free trial to see what we can do to help you reach your business goals. Get your SMS blast campaign ready with Cellcast and watch your conversions rise.

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