Better Web Security with Cellcast’s Bulk SMS Services

In today’s internet environment, it is critical for businesses to safeguard the personal information of customers that visit their website. Although web security knowledge has risen, “123456” is still the most used password in the world. Even those who employ more complex passwords run the risk of being compromised. Passwords can be hacked 90% of the time in less than six hours, yet 66% of individuals use the same password for all of their online accounts. Businesses (particularly those in the banking, insurance, retail, financial, and social sectors) must enhance data security in light of the nearly 9 billion security breaches that have occurred since 2013.

Many organisations rely on two-factor authentication (2FA) as a primary method of securing their website. The information of both clients and workers may be more safely safeguarded. People attempting to access private or work accounts using 2FA are sent authentication messages via bulk SMS providers. The best bulk SMS service providers in Australia, such as Cellcast, offer an easy-to-use platform for implementing 2FA and increasing site security. Providing this level of protection to customers and staff will reduce their anxiety about their safety, resulting in more sales and happier employees.

2FA and mass SMS: what’s the deal?

Many internet users are concerned about their passwords being stolen, as this is a big security risk. Simple passwords are now often used because there are so many applications accessible. When you use two-factor authentication (2FA), you’re not only securing the data of your customers and staff, but also the databases themselves from being compromised. If you don’t protect your customers, you won’t safeguard your business. 2FA isn’t just for the financial sector. Online retailers and service providers, such as Amazon or, frequently collect credit card information from customers. Because clients would feel more secure as a result of the adoption of 2FA bulk SMS services, revenue will rise.
Two-step verification, or 2FA, is required to access any sensitive online data, such as an internet banking account. Customers are required to provide information that only they possess, in addition to their password and login. Customers’ personal information is protected by this type of web security at most banks. SMS verification codes or one-time passwords are sent to users when they make a transaction or log in. Bulk SMS services, such as Cellcast’s, are used in two-factor authentication messaging to enhance website security.

2FA provides additional benefits.

Adding a second element of authentication is a cinch with bulk SMS services. 2FA is commonly perceived as being complex and time consuming to set up. This is not true at all. Cellcast’s Bulk SMS services are a considerably better investment for your organisation than repairing data breaches. With their MMS API, you don’t have to worry about a complicated installation. This form of online security can be implemented in a matter of minutes. Cellcast’s bulk SMS platform is protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate. Increasing profits and building a solid reputation are both facilitated by a well-designed security system. It’s important for customers to know that the firms they do business with are concerned about privacy.
Fast, direct, and cost-effective are just some of the benefits of 2FA. Cellcast’s bulk SMS services make it easy to swiftly produce and transmit 2FA SMSes. Customers may finish the procedure in a matter of seconds. There are two advantages to this for your company. Customer loyalty will be maintained as a result of their appreciation for the new security precautions. As a second point, the disruption is so minimal that customers will happily return utilising your website. Because you’ll spend less money fixing security flaws, your profits will rise. An IBM global survey found that in 2018, the cost of fixing data breaches totalled US$3.86 million. Small businesses in Australia may expect to pay $300,000, whilst bigger ones pay millions of dollars in legal fees and other costs of doing business there. For a total of A$190, Cellcast charges A$0.019 for a bundle of 10,000 bulk SMS. More than one way will be saved by implementing an efficient 2FA system in your company.

Protect your organisation and your customers by using 2-factor authentication (2FA).

You need more than just a password to protect your information. Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud-based technology. It is imperative that you and your clients’ private information be safeguarded. The use of two-factor authentication (2FA) delivered by mass SMS will improve the safety of your website. Avoiding data breaches will save your company money and effort. Customers will be happier and more loyal, which will lead to more income. The ideal approach to deliver one-time-only pins is to use two-factor authentication. Bulk SMS systems are easy to set up and affordable to maintain. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with Cellcast’s sophisticated API. It’s possible to get a free trial here. To learn more about Cellcast’s service offerings or to chat with a specialist, go to A safe business relies on a safe set of customers.

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