Use Cellcast’s Bulk SMS Services for Better Web Security

Protecting the personal information of clients who use your website is paramount in today’s online world. “123456” is still the most popular password around the world despite the increased awareness for web security. People who use more advanced passwords aren’t safe either. About 90% of passwords can be hacked in about 6 hours, and 65% of people use the same password for every account they have online. Since 2013 there have been over 9 billion breaches in security, meaning businesses (especially those in the banking, insurance, retail, financial and social industries) need to improve data security.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a leading form of web security used by many businesses. It provides added protection to the data of clients and employees. 2FA uses bulk SMS services to send out authentication messages to people trying to access personal information on their private or work accounts. Companies like Cellcast, the leading providers of bulk SMS services in Australia, provide an easy-to-use platform for to simplify 2FA implementation and increase web security measures. Providing this security for clients and employees will alleviate their security concerns, which will increase revenue and job satisfaction.

How does 2FA and bulk SMS work?

Passwords are easily hacked, which is a major concern for many people using the internet today. With so many applications available today, simple passwords are used for ease of access. 2FA can reduce the risks of hacking fraud, not only protecting your clients, but also your employees and databases. Protecting confidential business information is as important as protecting your clients. 2FA is not limited to the finance industry. Customers often load credit card details onto retail and services websites, like Amazon or Using 2FA bulk SMS services will increase revenue because customers will feel protected.
As the name implies, 2FA requires two-step verification to access sensitive data stored online like for internet banking accounts. Along with their password and username, customers must give information that only they have. Almost all banks use this form of web security to protect the data of their customers. Users receive an SMS verification code or one-time pin when completing transactions or logging in. Two-factor authentication messages use bulk SMS services, like those offered by Cellcast, to improve website security.

Additional Reasons to use 2FA

Bulk SMS services make setting up a two-factor authentication simple. Most people think setting up 2FA is difficult and time-consuming. This is inaccurate. Repairing data breaches is far more time consuming and dangerous for your business than setting up Cellcast’s Bulk SMS services. Their MMS API easily integrates with already established CRM software for hassle-free installation. Your business can start using this method of web security almost instantly. Cellcast uses a 256-bit SSL to provide maximum security for your bulk SMS platform. Having a strong security system in place will boost revenue and reputation. Customers want to know the companies they support care about data protection.
The 2FA process is fast, direct and cost effective. Bulk SMS services from Cellcast let you generate and send 2FA messages quickly. Your clients can complete the process in seconds. This benefits your business in two ways. First, customers will appreciate the added security measures and remain loyal. Second, the interruption is so brief that it won’t cause any inconvenience and customers will happily resume using your website. Your revenue will increase because you will save money on resolving security breaches. An IBM global study shows that a total of US$3.86 million was spent on repairing data breaches in 2018. Small business in Australia can expect to pay A$300,000, while larger ones pay millions. Cellcast charges A$0.019 for a bulk SMS bundle of 10,000; a total of A$190. Implementing an effective 2FA system will save your business in more ways than one.

Implement 2FA to protect your business and clients

A password isn’t enough. Cloud-based systems are becoming the norm in business. Protecting your data and that of your clients is non-negotiable. 2FA via bulk SMS will increase website security. You will avoid data breaches, which will save your business time and money. Client satisfaction and loyalty will increase, leading to higher revenue. Two-factor authentication takes seconds and is the best way to send one-time only pins. Implementing a bulk SMS system is simple and inexpensive. Cellcast has an advanced API that easily integrates with established CRM software. They offer a free trial. Visit for more information on their service offering or to speak with a consultant. Protect your clients, protect your business.

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